Hi guys!

What does everyone think of the Washburn Parrallaxe series of guitars? Especially the Washburn PXM20FR? I am thinking of getting one as they seem to have loads of great features on the spec list such as;

Original Floyd Rose
Seymour Duncan pickups
Grover tuners
Buzz Feiten tuning system

I mean all that looks great but i just wanted some other opinions first. Also has anybody played one? as I have not actually played one yet.

Thanks in advance
Never played one but have looked at the specs. The only thing I don't like on them are the "veneer" not a fan of veneers and I think the floyd rose is a 1000 series, not an actual german made one. Could be wrong though! Other than those two things they look pretty solid.
I really don't have a problem with veneers; they've been used on extremely expensive furniture for centuries. This piece comes from Versailles:

In fact, there have been times when I've thought that a book matched solid carved top could have been far better off with a veneer -- out toward the edges where carving gets deeper, the "matching" part disappears.

Original Floyd Roses have been Korean for years, leastways the ones that went on large manufacturer guitars from, for instance, Fender or Gibson. The Schaller versions were reserved for aftermarket bubblepacks or boutique shops. Since the patent ran out, they've swapped around the naming convention, of course, and now the Schaller-built item is the Floyd Rose Original and the various other FRs have numbers.
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My parallaxe does not have a veneer, it has an actual maple cap. It is a very nice guitar. Very well built, mine is a prototype though I have not tried one of the production models yet.
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I have the PXM20FR and it is wicked nice. I just bought a very expensive JG2 Shredder and I have to say the the Indonesian made PXM20FR is almost its equal - better if you like high register reach-ability. There is virtually no limit on accessing the 24th fret - on any string. The matte finish extend to the back of the neck which makes for a slippery fast neck as well. It has a nice thin neck profile - not a Wizard but damn close. The premium tuners to me, are just marketing hype. The quality of the tuners on a Floyd Rose equipped guitar is a non-issue anyway as you will lock the nut down and use fine tuners for all tuning after that. I do believe that the Floyd is an F1000 but if you aren't banging the hell out of it constantly, it will last for a long time. Even then, you can get by with just replacing the base plate, not the the entire trem. It's not a German made OFR but it's also not a die cast Chinese piece of garbage either. I believe they are made in Korea as well (OFRs are made in both Germany and Korea). It is veneered but that doesn't bother me at all. You can't go wrong with this guitar.
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