Hello, (fellow) bassists.

So, I just graduated high school and decided to pick up bass. I've had my bass (Ibanez GSR200, though no amp yet) for over a month now, but since that was right when finals kicked in, I couldn't start (until today!), though I've done a bit of research as to how to start. I have no experience in music aside from a very short foray into guitar.

First off, unfortunately I cannot afford lessons (perpetually broke university student, and if I manage enough savings, it'll be for an amp). I'll be teaching myself bass via the Internet (and maybe a book if it's highly recommended).
My search-fu is off today, so sorry if these questions have been asked before (I feel like they would have been at some point).

My goal is, obviously, to play bass guitar. However, I want to do more than just learn bass, but also learn the theory behind the play. I want to eventually be able to not only be well-versed with a decent amount of styles and techniques, but also be able to improvise, write my own music eventually, and be able to recreate a sound/note on the bass simply by hearing it (to play by ear). That said, I know these are really tall-order for a beginner and I realise they'll take a while to achieve. I do have patience. Simply put, I want to do more than just echo a few songs other people wrote.

My question's pretty simple, but how would I go about starting? I have been reading through studybass.com and read some misc articles found on the Internet. Could I get any recommendations based on my goals? Also, should I just be using one resource, or should I be using multiple each week, or what?

Also, for anyone with similar musical taste to me:
I'm a prog head. Unfortunately, this means *a lot* of music I listen to is way too complex for me to play yet.
Some of my favourite bands include Dream Theater, Symphony X, Opeth, Sikth, Becoming the Archetype, Twelve Foot Ninja, Haken, Tool, Between the Buried and Me, Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Rush, etc., but I definitely appreciate the more classic rock/metal, like Queen (hell yeah), Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones, etc., and even a tad of folk metal (Turisas, Korpiklaani).
Based on this, could any of you recommend a song(s) that would be good for a beginner (ones not too complex, but also has a good load of technique from which I can learn). I was thinking Tool (The Pot?), but I also want to finger bass, so thought of King Crimson and Pink Floyd (maybe even Queen). Any thoughts or particular songs? Should I be learning songs as I go through websites to learn technique? When should I start learning whole songs?

Really sorry about the extremely vague and potentially overused questions.
Thanks in advance!

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Buy Rocksmith 2014. It’s summer so it’s on sale somewhere. Once you get the hang of it go over to Customs Forge (customsforge.com) and looks for music by the bands you like
Start reading the first few pages of The Ultimate Bass Forum F.A.Q. thread in this forum.
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Quote by FatalGear41
Start reading the first few pages of The Ultimate Bass Forum F.A.Q. thread in this forum.

I did skim through it before posting and admittedly I seem to have missed the "I need bass songs to learn" thread, so thanks for that reminder. I was more so looking for specific resources like studybass.com. I'll scour about a bit more and try many resources. I guess the whole exploration process might help.

I'll see if I can get Rocksmith 2014 on Steam or something. I've never actually heard of it before, and it looks interesting. I can't get it right away though.
scottsbasslessons.com , or his videos on youtube, some of them may be a bit advanced for beginners, but they are a really good source of information, specially if you want to understand what you are playing and write your own stuff
There are a number of beginning bass courses, and you're going to want to get some theory under your belt. Then you'll do well to go to Motown and emulate some classic basslines and understand what they're doing and why. Moving directly to prog rock can be like trying to learn music from a free-form sax noodling around "Bye-Bye Blackbird" in a jazz club.

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Hey i heard ur trying to play bass. Are you interested in joining a band? Because if u are me and my friends can teach you bass to.
Hi! I might as well learn how to play the bass guitar real soon. With broad guitar playing knowledge, I know that it is advantage for me if I am already starting to learn the bass. However, as a beginner, I don't have any idea on what kind of ask should I use. I usually play alternative and blues. Would it be fine if I acquire some kind of an axe that is a bit similar to a Fender Precision Bass? On what pedals should I invest as well? Thanks to those who will throw in their suggestions. :0