Hey guys, first post here. Been on UG for a while but never here before. Hope ya'll can help with some advice.

I built myself a parts caster out of an affinity strat. Hated the narrow neck. (39mm at the nut is just...crazy.) And bought a neck on ebay. Didn't realize how much the flat 14mm radius would affect my hand so much. As I play rhythm about 85% of the time.

Was looking to order a standard 9.5 radius neck and see Mighty Mite has one for about $100. Mighty Mite MM2900 on amazon.

But I also see the bullet strats have the specs I am looking for, for about the same $100.

Was thinking to get a bullet and just swap the necks and possibly give the ebay neck'd guitar to a friend.

Overall, just thinking about the necks. How are the Mighty mites compared to the quality in the Bullet necks?

Thanks all and may our music never cease.
The MM necks are better than a squire neck by a lot
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I was thinking the same, just based on the price point....but I haven't had any experience with the MM necks.
I'd second the Mighty Mite neck. I have a soft V profile MM neck on my strat, which is easily as good quality as the neck on my MIA Telecaster.
Thanks guys, I am going to look into the Mighty Mite. Depending on budget after bills I may order tomorrow.