Very ignorant where guitar problems and adjustments are concerned. Here's what I know- my high e (tuned down to D standard, but have been in that tuning most of late) is significantly quieter that the other strings and seems to have a buzz to it. As you fret down towards the body, the difference seems to become less significant. Harder I pick, worse the sound is.

I haven't done anything different with my guitar lately. It's been in D Standard most of the time, occasionally tuning back up to E Standard. It's had the same strings since December, when I first got it. Humidity isn't very constant where I keep it, bedroom is in a basement, if that could do anything.

Has my action somehow gotten adjusted maybe? Eye balling it, the high e MIGHT be a smidgen lower than the other strings up at the nut, but it's awfully hard to tell with any degree of surety.

Could it have anything to do with my pickups? They're EMGs, but I think the battery should be fine yet. People were giving my life expectancies of a year or so, and it's not been anything near that.

Just spent awhile playing around with it, listening to each string and testing different picking strengths, volumes, etc. Seems that my B string also is having issues, but not to the same extent as the high E. Also, I can a whiff of a buzz from the low E as well, but the amp doesn't seem to pick it up really, as opposed to the other two?

When I strum, a buzz is rather apparent with A, D, and G too... Meaning it's more likely to be an action problem, yes? Tested it while muting E, B, and e, played with out an amp and there was buzzing like nuts!

Sorry for the ignorance, but gotta learn somehow!

-Thanks in advance

PS - If you need to know anything else, ask. Not sure what's pertinent and what isn't.
Probably needs the truss rod adjusted. If the neck doesn't have the proper amount of forward bow to it, the strings will vibrate against the frets above the one you're playing on. You can watch some Youtube videos on how to do that yourself, or take it to a guitar shop and have them do a setup on it. It's always a good idea to have a professional setup done on any new guitar you buy (assuming you don't know how to do all that stuff yourself).

You should get some new strings while you're at it - they don't really sound too good after six months A new set every month or so is good.
Apparently it was setup when it was first bought... We think. It was bought for me as a Christmas gift so I wasn't involved in all of that. But according to my ma "They put new strings on and stuff". Whatever exactly that means!

Guitar more or less makes up most of my life, so I don't think I'm confident with trying anything much myself. Better to take it in, see what they have to say, and have 'em walk me through what they're doing so next time I can make a good attempt at it.

After six months of less than perfect humidity, couple months of not being touched at all but daily besides that, is it pretty normal to need some fixin' up? And how much would I be looking at cash-wise? Or can't ya really give an estimate on that?