I've been dead set on picking up a V3i this spring. But due to budget constraints, general pondering as to my style of hunting (predominately coin shooting) and the chat room on here (thanks guys...) I've been considering another route, I'll get to that shortly. The V3i looks like a great all around machine with an awesome stock coil, a standard rechargeable battery system, not to mention the superb warranty and being American made. But it is a bit over budget for me, so I thought why not the Vx3 then? More into my price range, still a great machine, buuutttt.... significantly less features (albeit just as deep, I've heard) a standard 950 concentric coil, which I like, but is limited in high trash, and a non rechargeable battery system..... I'm just not sure that I'll be happy with it.
In comes the bug that was put in my ear. The Explorer SE.... From what I've read it's a superb silver sniffer, has an excellent stock coil, standard rechargeable and alkaline battery packs, and at a great price, from what sponsors have returned my emails.....(thanks Larry and Bart) No you will not get their prices from me, not even in private! So I extend my query to you fellas/gals. What is your input aside from me thinking too much about it....

And here all this time I was thinking this forum was about metal music.

Guess I better get my geology student ass over to the classic rock forum then.
"the waves have now a redder glow..."