This is one of those songs where I think "How the **** does someone come up with such a complex, creative, beautiful piece." Like Scale the Summit, CHON, and a few Polyphia songs.

I find nothing wrong this piece, other than that I don't have a whole album of songs like it.
From Your Grave pretty much hit the nail on the head, it's ridiculously creative and walks the line of heavier math rock and math pop without being derivative of either. The world needs more things like this. An album in the future, maybe?

The tempo change serves it really well, which makes it feel very complete. There's nothing really missing in this track, even as an instrumental, though if I must nitpick I could see some catchy vocals going along with this nicely to bring it through the roof, particularly in Section 5 and 6.

C4C? Here, a pretentious project of mine