I've got too many great guitars, and not enough cash, so I'm selling some:

- 2002 PRS McCarty "10 Top" in a turquoise blue with maple body/neck, really gorgeous, near mint, OHSC & case candy. The problem is, it's too nice, I'm scared to take it to play, afraid of scratching it, dropping it, getting it stolen. I'm not a professional musician, either, so this is just a hobby for me, and it's just too much guitar, and I realized I prefer having a decent $200-300 guitar that I am not stressed about banging up or losing. This is too good a guitar to be a case queen, so some one else who will play it should get it. Asking $1700 plus shipping.

- 1970s Yamaha SG1500, black, near mint, with OHSC & some case candy (truss rod tool in yamaha embossed carrier). This was a gift from a Yamaha exec to his son who barely used it for 38 years, then I got it from him because I was thinking I'd like to own real Gibson Les Paul, and then I read how these were called "Les Paul killers" and played by Santana (actually, he played next model up, the SG2000). It really is amazing build quality, tone, playability. The SG1500 was the next-to-top of the line, between SG1000 and SG2000. However, like the PRS, I don't take this out to play or to jam sessions, because it's a piece of history, I doubt you'll find another 1970s SG1500 in this condition, anywhere. But it is too good a guitar to be a case queen, unless I guess you like having your own in-home guitar museum or whatever (I'm not rich enough to make that practical). Asking $1100 plus shipping.

- 1989 Yamaha Pacifica 712, black & white, missing original trem bar and original nut plate & screws, otherwise all complete. However, any size trem bar will work, though might fall out if you lean forward too far (I have found you really have to try to make a non-fitting trem bar fall out of it, so it's not really an issue for me). I also found that it stays in tune great without the locking nut pieces, so those are really not needed. I was told by a much more experienced guitarist that locking nuts rob tone, and I'm better off without these parts, but I can't say for sure if that's true or not, not having compared it both ways. I do like ease of tuning up, changing tuning, without having to unlock nut, so that's nice. Anyway, I guess you can find these missing pieces around, though. With the missing nut plate & screws, the nut is height adjustable, the tuners are also adjustable. These guitars just have a ton of high end ways to tweak / adjust them, that you generally will not find on any guitar in this price range. The 712 was middle to higher end Pacifica, which ranged from 112 (or 012?) to 1212. It has the RM Pro II tremolo, which I really love, once you get used to it, made to leave balls on strings, and can handle dive bombs or feathery tremolo, depending how you adjust springs for tension. The HSS pick ups scream, great for metal or classic rock, and the humbucker is coil split. It is somewhat relic'd by real wear & tear, not by artificial means, but not in any way affecting playability. Asking $225 plus shipping, no case. This is actually my favorite type of guitar, these late 80s Yamaha fat strats, amazing build quality, much under-rated. Selling because I have two other Yamaha fat strats from the same era, don't need a third, all play pretty similarly, mainly prefer the color of the other two.

- 2002 (?) Epiphone G400, wine-red, very sexy looking guitar, gibson-like tone, all original, near mint, professionally set up. I have decided I just prefer my fat strat type guitars to this SG-style, and don't play this. Asking $200 plus shipping. I bought some chrome locking tuners but don't know how to install them, got them before I decided to sell it, could throw in for $25 more, you install.

- Basically new Vox AC4C1, 4 watt tube amp, blue. I wanted a "bedroom" tube amp that would give me great all tube tone without being too loud for family, neighbors, and this has worked great. No complaints. But then I got a Mesa Boogie 5:50 amp which has both a 50 watt and 5 watt settings, so that 5 watt setting replaces my need for a 4 watt tube amp. So while I'm very happy with the Vox, it's redundant and I gotta clear some gear. Was $300 new, it's barely used, have original paperwork and all, maybe the original box it came in. Asking $240 plus shipping, money back guarantee that it works perfectly.

- Barely used Behrenger Ultra DI box (http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DI100?device=c&network=g&matchtype=&gclid=CjkKEQjwlcSdBRD3wva3-KOAo80BEiQAjNIhiTLCjr19OM_lejm9cs4sdbHaOuZW6Be5jLwthYLXE1vw_wcB), thought I needed this to plug instrument into my audio interface, but then got new audio interface, and don't see that I have any need for this. I've actually never used it. Comes in original box. Retails for $40, asking $20 plus shipping.

I can provide pics of any of these, or more details. I'm in Los Angeles area, work in Ventura, drive to Orange County about once a month, and so if you are in any of those areas, we might meet up and avoid having any shipping costs.

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