So I googled how to wire a SD Hot Rail and used an image I found off Google. I installed the PUP in a squire standard and have very low output and no tone control.

Someone suggested I probably have it wired wrong and that there are several ways to wire one. They also suggested I go to SD website and find the proper diagram.

So I went to SD website and looked at wiring diagrams. Christ there are about 50 strat diagrams and not a single one mentions a hot rail. So I email customer support over 24 hrs ago and still have no response. So I'm hoping someone here can help me find the proper diagram.

And not to sound stupid... I know it is single coil size, but isn't a hot rail actually a humbucker?? So do I want a single bridge pup or humbucker pup or power rails pup diagram?
Yes; it is a sad fact of life that there are more ways to wire a pickup incorrectly as opposed to correctly. The link below contains the wiring diagrams for the Duncan Hot Rails pickups:


I do not use the coil-splitting features in any guitars, so I did not wire up my Stratocasters with that scheme. I have three Hot Rails in each Stratocaster, and I definitely like them.

Good luck!
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