I'm using a jvm410h I`ve had for about 2 months. its a factory restock so im not sure how old the tubes are. Today for instance i played around 4 Pm for about 45 minutes and it sounded awesome. really full and in your face. But at 6PM i just started to play and it sound mushy, soggy and weak? I read somewhere that it might be a fluctuation of power in the wall socket? Or should i look into replacing my tubes? any tips at all thanks!
Is it doing anything else strange? Is the tone getting fuzzy or is it making any audible clicks? I'd just try swapping power tubes.
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Could you be facing the speaker from a different angle? If you're off to the side and well above the speaker, there's much less treble than when you're directly in front of it.
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It can be a lot of things. I doubt this was the case only a few hours apart, but even your sinuses can affect the sound (or your perception of it anyway).
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Tubes going bad?

Where you are at in the room will greatly affect your tone.

I also get these days where I'm just really not feeling it and nothing sounds good, then it sounds good the next day. It's strange.
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Seriously though; are you still running the shitty stock tubes? One may be starting to fail.
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Buy a wireless unit. Stick your amp in a room you won’t be playing in. Play so ****ing loud that it sounds great everywhere else in the house.