Remember who you are.

Please, look after her for me.

I woke up this morning...

Father has gone missing.

No hands to reach!

I find myself within this edge. 

No provider, just prayers.

The day died young.

A man is born.
this reminds me a charlie kaufman screenplay (interesting parallel to the discussion in the community thread): it is seemingly disjointed, blurring times and spaces but it fits together all the same. i do like all the images and words, but some punctuation to help solidify the disjointedness could really spice this up. i would go as far as to recommend having each line separated by a punctuation event, so to speak.

nice read. hope things are looking up for you. thanks.
I enjoyed this. For me it conveyed a sense of youthfulness/innocence and age/loss, being thrust into a coming of age simultaneously. The single exclamation point is particularly effective. The particular words chosen and linguistic structures even "grew up" so to speak as the piece progressed (after the first two lines) which i found brilliant. Well done.