Have you ever become distracted, for example with some sort of technique that you practiced too long, or trying to mimic someone for so long that you wasted a lot of time?

The internet is littered with so much about guitar, pieces of information here, pieces there, books, dvds etc....sometimes it is so easy to become distracted and lose yourself and forget about the true meaning of music and guitar.

If so, what was your personal distraction(s)?
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My biggest distraction was/is sweep picking. That damned technique. A lot of the music I listen to has sweep picking in and I want to cover some of these songs. I can sweep major arpeggios pretty much fine now with good speed and that alone has taken frikken AGES!!!1! but now I realize that some of the other scales are waaaaay harder, like my pinky will need to do some pretty super natural stuff to get it right and up to speed.

I just get frustrated sometimes because I know if I had spent all this time on another area I would already be really good at it whatever it is but because iv spent so much time with sweep picking if I stop now I will feel like it has all been a waste. So now I hold on practising sweeps when I get sick but always go back because I still really want to play those songs.
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No offence to ultimate-guitar.com, but my biggest distraction has been tabs. Kept learning songs from tabs for 6 years. It has gotten me a pretty good technique and speed, but nothing else. After I started learning by ear, along with some theory, I found that my speed and technique still is improving and that my improvisations, creativity and rhythm has gotten much better in a shorter amount of time.

I was actually going to give up music. I didn't feel like a musician, only like a person which could play guitar really fast. Didn't think i could be creative. I learnt that by learning songs by ear, all parts of my playing and my musicality has improved a lot
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i've never felt like anything i did was a "distraction"...every little bit helps. for example, even learning monster sweep picking patterns that i never use in my music was helpful because it accelerated my learning of economy picking, and helped me map the fretboard with arpeggio patterns to use as aids in soloing. learning any technique generally helps overall because you're forced to reevaluate your existing technique in order to accommodate the new things.

the only things i think can be separated are playing technique and music theory/sense. but you need both things anyway.
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