Atlas in Hesperides Garden
Nourished by golden apples of the gods
No world on his shoulder's how I feel
I'm in between dreams and life
When I hold you all night long

I once thought of true love
As an elusive beast
Whose golden antlers
Would pierce one's heart
Trample on it with hooves of bronze
And swiftly leave you abandoned

But thanks to you I at last
Captured that Ceryneian Hind
Now proudly I display it
For all to see what is mine

For joy is a majestic Pegasus
Whose beauty ought to be shared
It was you who made joy consume me
Like Diomedes man-eating mares

See once I had the type of wound
That hydra heads multiplied from
But you held the guiding torch
And welded that infernal gate shut

Because of that you will always
Always have a place in my dreams
So let the fairies feast upon their sweetness
Because dreams of you are a delicacy
Golden apples in Hesperides Garden