My guitar teacher has been asking me to mess around using Dorian, so I made a -very, very- simple rhythm guitar and just tried out some simple licks and tabbed it out. Can I get some thoughts/tips for playing with the mode? Very new to the theory side of things so go easy on me! Haha!

You need to focus on two things: rhythm and tonality.

Rhythm: your notes are (almost) all of the same length. Varying the lengths of the different notes and their relationship with the others is what creates a vibe - Paul Gilbert has a lot of good stuff on this.

Tonality - when you're playing in B, choose the right notes to accentuate in B - for instance, the 2nd for suspense, 3rd for colour, the 4th for anticipation, the 5th for strength, the 6th for mystery and the 7th for mellow. Combine these with bends or releases (4th to 3rd creates relief, 5th to 7th creates a jazzy feel, etc.). Always KNOW what you want your focus to be, don't just pick out notes from the scale because they're in the scale.

Good luck!