Question: Are the various 2 button foot switches all wired the same?

One amp I have needs a Crate CFL-2 foot switch which doesn't appear to be in stock at most stores- for a reasonable price, but I don't see any difference between that one and the 2 button one for the Peavey one for the 6505.

One button cycles the clean/distortion and the other cycles the effects. Can I just order the Peavey one and be okay?
plug it in and try it.

Most switches are wired the same way, as far as I know. The only difference is the order that the buttons are wired. For instance, maybe on the proper switch the left button changes channel, and the right controls reverb, whereas they may be opposite on another brand.
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I'm thinking that if it's a 2 button switch and has the same TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) cable you should be good.
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Not all 2 button footswitches are the same, but some are.
It might be possible to find the schematic/diagram of the footswitch you need, then find an identical one.

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I know that there are different kinds, but I've never found one that is different. You can control a Triple Rectifier ( normally six button) with a Marshall MG footswitch, so anything is possible. You're not going to do any damage by trying
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I just bought one of these for my Peavey Windsor studio (which is the same as you need) and it is not labeled so you can do that if you want. and it was very cheap and well constructed

If it is a standard 2 button TRS switch it should work in any amp that requires that type of switch.
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