Based on research of barre chord techniques, I have found that I am holding my wrist wrong while playing barre chords. I have only been playing guitar for like 5 months now and I know my technique is off. I have been trying to fix it, but it's hard. Could someone please give me input on this? I have a baby Taylor and my fingers aren't incredibly short. Am I supposed to put my thumb right behind my pointer finger or slant it?
I'm kind of baffled why Justin is so adamant about "not hitting the 6th string on the root 5th form , (A major open shape), barre. Including the 6th string, (on A open), gives you an upside down power chord, A5. I never though that ,"sounded awful", but I suppose I have a tin ear.
Try to first put the chord down with your fingers and then let the thumb position itself where it's comfortable.Mine tends to sit behind the pointer finger but on an angle towards the headstock,Everyones hands are different though.