Hey guys

So i recently changed my V&T knobs, the new ones i put on don't go all the down to the body, they still work, they turn and the push pull still works but should they go all the way down? and if so how do i get them all the way? I've only tried pressing hard, don't want to break them.

Here's a couple pics of the old ones and the new ones

Old: http://im4.woodbrass.com/images/woodbrass/ENCTLEBGH1-2.JPG

New: http://www.gibson.com/Files/USA/LesPauls/Les-Paul-Piezo/Batched/LPPZGTCH1-Features-Volume.jpg

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It's possible that they have different heights to them. See if you can mount them further in from the inside, if you're doin it yourself. I'm not really any kind of expert on that stuff though, I got a luthier friend who I usually have handle things like that.
They should, in theory at least, go all the way down.

For the last knob replacement I did, I had to press the knobs pretty hard into the potentiometers' poles, since the interior of the knob's hole were "blank", and it was the pressure that made the poles carve threads/indentations.

That said, for that replacement I used speed knobs -- all the skirted knobs I bought in the past were "pre-carved".

First, measure the depth of the knobs' holes (using a wire, or something like that), and the height of the pots' poles, to see if they fit.
If they fit, see if your knobs already have the indentations for the pots' poles.
If they do have them, make sure you're matching the indentations with the "teeth" on the pots' poles.
If they don't have them, apply pressure to carve the knobs' hole.
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