Hi guys!

What do you think the best metal amp is? I was just trying to think of what amp I want next and I would like something that is made for metal and has a huge full sound, something that makes the room shake when your playing djent breakdowns any ideas?

I think OP might just be asking for pure opinions.

Personally, I haven't found it yet. Very infuriating, I have yet to hear or play an amp that has the exact stiffness and character that I want. The Peavey Vypyr Tube is pretty close, but it has the stiffness without the real tube "oomph".

The Peavey 6505 has the "oomph", but doesn't have as much stiffness.

I want to try out some Engl (Fireball) and Soldano (Hot Rod) stuff, but they are extremely hard to find where I am.

All that said, if you want typical djent, get an Axe FX II. Assuming you like tone like Animals as Leaders, that's the "go-to" in my head for djent tone. Though I've been getting into Tesseract lately, and they have some amazing stuff as well. Not sure on their gear.
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Fireball. I just don't understand why they paired it with one of the worst clean channels in the line, and no independent EQ. Maybe it's just something to do with how amps work that I don't understand, the 6505 has a terrible clean channel too.

One day I'll have a line selector going into a Vox AC30 and an Engl Fireball with a stereo 412. My life will be complete.
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