OK, this is my first post here. I've been playing guitar for a month now and yesterday I decided to make my first recording. Of course it's not perfect, but I think I could have done a lot worse!


I don't have any proper recording gear so I had to put my digital camera in front of my amp and then add the backing track in Audacity afterwards.

Thanks for listening and it's good to be here
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I'm no musical expert, but for only playing a month I didn't think it was that bad. I haven't listened to the original in quite some time and I do have the original vinyl that I bought back in the day. Curious what your set up is. Always a good idea to post either here and on Youtube.
Thanks for the reply It was the original that made me want to start playing in the first place. My setup is simple, I have a cheap starter guitar/amp kit from Amazon:


...and my distortion pedal is a Behringer FD300. Since I don't have a reverb pedal I added that in post using Audacity. Also, like I said I used my Canon 1100D camera to record the sound by putting it straight in front of the amp.
I think I've seen that one too, in fact I've probably seen most of them at some point! Yeah, from watching that I can see that we do it slightly differently. She is doing bends where I leave them out, and in some cases, vice versa.