Hi guys, I've got a 09 schecter tempest custom and I'm wanting to upgrade my pickups to some 81/85 or maybe the newer ESP X series pickups.
I've seen kit available with 2 tone+2 vol knobs switches and pickups and wiring etc
Is this just a simple install???
I see the kits are now solderless and it's all plug and play
But my main question is the pickups are direct drop in?
No different sizing etc? Or won't have issues with height or width?

I've install pickup before but was only passive to passive type pickups

Any info would be great
I doubt you would have issues with the pickups themselves, I never have. The thing I don't get with the solderless systems is that the plugs can be bigger than the holes the wires have to run through. So you might want to check that out.
Ah sweet
Just wanted to make sure before I order some emg's active pickups and I don't find out they don't fit etc...
There's wiring diagrams included with the kit and on there site
Looks fairly straight forward
Not sure where I'm gona put the battery
But there's plenty of room under the backing plate

Just curious if anyone has changed the schecter tempest pickups to active emg's?