Hello everyone!

So a couple of weeks ago i opened up my peavey ultra combo and changed out what i assume is the main power fuse. i turned the amp on and played for a little bit and heard a popping sound. Thinking i just blew the main power fuse again i decided to just set it aside. just today i opened it back up to see what i believe to be the speaker fuse blown. so i change it out and turn on the amp to hear a loud popping noise and scary enough i saw some smoke coming from the speaker input jack in the back of the amp.

Do you guys have any clue what this is or how i could go about fixing it? im to freaked to turn on the amp again but i will if that will figure out the problem. also the speaker fuse that i changed out and perfectly fine.

Thanks for the help in advance!
If you have minimal electronics knowledge take it in for repairs. The best you can hope for if you open it up, is to find the source of the smoke, but then you have to identify it and replace it. Sometimes it is something else that caused that thing to smoke and so on... but unless you understand electronic safety you could seriously injure or kill yourself. There are often lethal voltages inside, even when it is turned off.
You fried something.
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Now that you've let the smoke out of some of the components you'll need to have them replaced with components with fresh smoke. The whole point is to NOT let it out, smoke is why amps work ( some say you also need mirrors, but that's clearly nonsense!) and when you let it out they quit working.

You'll need a tech.
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