The idea has been launched by the National Literacy Trust to celebrate reading.

Right... Lets Celebrate reading by making more benches....
Benches with pictures on them.

The benches will be auctioned at London's Southbank Centre on 7 October to raise funds for the National Literacy Trust to tackle illiteracy in deprived communities across the UK.

Poor people are illiterate so we'll give them somewhere to sit.
Picture benches shaped like books.

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I wish I could read this.
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You should write to the Daily Mail.

I did. But they told me that there wasn't enough of a 'single Asian mother stabs retired war-hero priest in Rooney 3-way' angle to it.

They also said that picture benches will one day replace all traditional news.

Then they called me a ****.
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I wish I could read this.

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