Your thoughts of it?
To me it's better than the first one and has cool songs, what do you think?
What's your favourite song? Whatever you want and First in forever are the best in my opinion.
I think my favorite Dot Hacker song was Sermon of Sorts until Minds Dying came out. I'm also very partial to Discotheque. Also my favorite Ataxia song is Union (or Dust depending on my mood), so thank you for tabbing that out! You have quite the ear.
I can't thank you enough for these tabs, you have made my life way better. Previously I made the biggest leap in my guitar playing from watching the Inhibition live in Fresno video on youtube. For a while I was confused by your tabs, but then I realized I had to change my voicings! 

I took guitar lessons at age 9 and my teacher had me read charts. What confused me and ultimately led to me not learning guitar until now was, "if that is E on the chart, and there are X Es on a fretboard, first of all, why are there so many Es, and second of all, how do I know which one to play?" Sounds dumb but I couldn't articulate that question at 9 yo and that concept of voicing had blocked me throughout (even when I picked up the guitar many times throughout my life until it finally stuck last Feb when I was playing along to Union - then your tab of it brought me to Elevator, which brought me to Dot Hacker, which made my life way better. But I didn't really look at tab much last year because I thought I should pick everything out by ear, until I came back to your stuff now, and it made my life way better again. Those C#s and Bs in Sermon of Sorts are so cool!). So thank you, you and Klinghoffer are the best! 
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