I write electronic music, and I'd like to sample a guitar for this track:


I don't have the ability to record an electric guitar on my own, so I was hoping somebody here could. I'll credit you under whatever moniker you want, and link to your facebook/UG profile/Soundcloud/whatever you have. The riffs I'd like recorded are the intro/verse riff, which is this:


If you could just record 4 repeats of this riff, that'd be enough for me to sample for the whole song, as that's the longest it's used in any situation.

The other part I need recorded is a chorus part. The progression of the chorus is this:


You can feel free to play this part however you want; just strum the chords, plays some arpeggios, finger-pick, write your own part following the progression, whatever. If you have multiple ideas, or multiple users submit recordings, I could probably make use of a few. For this part, I need 6 repeats of whatever you submit.

The track is at 110 BPM. There's no need to use effects for this, I'd rather be able to take care of the effects myself. I just need a nice, bassy clean electric guitar tone. I've enabled the track on Soundcloud for download, so you can use that to record if needed. Thanks in advance to anybody who submits a recording.
Where in Wisconsin are you from? Send me a PM with the tabs, I'm trying to set up a recording area in my new place. Could use this to test it. This thread will likely be deleted.