Whats up people! I need some advise on a trade Im thinking about. So here it is... I have my Jackson Nismo edition <<< (possibly a future collectors item?) has ding on body, he has a Line 6 75W spider III amp loaded with a 12" Celestion speaker, Line 6 Variax, Kramer Focus 111s that is loaded with all EMG pickups, and a DX10D Jackson. what do you guys think? All help welcome and thanks in advance.
<< sorry i couldnt get get this pic right

P.s. what would you say my Jackson is worth?
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Are you really in a rush to own three mediocre guitars and a shit amp?
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One decent thing for 4 horrible to average things.

Seems fair.
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What is happening? I don't understand.
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What is happening? I don't understand.

OP wants to know if he should swap his £10 note for six pound coins
I was kinda liking the Focus with Emg pickups.... thanks for the heads up! Really appreciate it! Guess ill pass on this trade.
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No way, man. Keep the limited edition Jackson. Not even close to worth it.
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Definitely keep the Jackson.
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I can comment on the Variax -- it's the 500 model and worth $350-500US in good condition with all the bits and pieces, including the original gig bag, power supply, TRS cable and floor switch. The guitar itself is a slightly mediocre Korean production, and the joke has always been, "A $300 guitar with $1500 worth of electronics inside." It can be set up to play *very* well, however. Mine has been. But it's always been about the electronics anyway. It's essentially the same electronics suite as in the current set of Variax guitars (which are enormously better guitar designs that stand on their own). Pretty much the same guitar models (Line 6 recently "HD'd" them with some modest changes).

The 500 is a good way to gain entry into Variax guitars and it's playable right up to professional levels. In particular the tele, strat, 335 and LP models are very good. The "miked acoustic" models are excellent, but you want to play those into a full-range speaker system (PA, acoustic amp, powered speaker, recording, etc.) just as you would a real miked acoustic. They sound crap through a guitar cabinet. The resonator and other "exotic" guitars sound better through a full-range system as well (IMHO).

What's really interesting about these guitars is that you can also do alternate tunings without every changing string tension. Since it's all done with pitch replacement technology, you can run anything from an Open G with the resonator to a Drop Bb on P90's. One very cool thing about working with the single coil models on these guitars (especially for recording) is that there's no noise. They're not subject to the RF interference, etc., that you get with most single coil pickups.
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So here it is... I have my Jackson Nismo edition <<< (possibly a future collectors item?)

P.s. what would you say my Jackson is worth?

Stop me if I'm wrong, but the original asking price on the Nismo was $900. I've seen them for $350 on the local Craig's. EMG-HZ's? Nismo is a relatively obscure tuner company in the grand scheme of things (compared to, say, a Roush, AMG, or even Brabus) and any collector value would be to someone who really knew who they are. Dollar for dollar, the trade makes sense, especially if there's at least one piece in there that you know you want, and enough pieces that can be sold off to get you extra value.
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Thanks for all the advise everyone. I think ill bw holding on to the Jackson for a while longer.
Thanks again for posting!
Yeah, he doesn't have anything IMO worth trading for. If he is only going to trade one then its not even close to being worth it.
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