Since i covered the same song not to long ago il post my thoughts ! First off pretty metal tone you got coming from that squire strat. Your playing was very good especialy the harmony part can be tricky timing wise, didnt spot many mistakes. Recording sound could be better tho, sounds very bassy and not very clean but i can still hear what you are playing. So apart from trying to make the sound a bit better not much critique .

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Pretty good effort overall, but i do have a couple critiques:

--Off tempo in too many places. Some areas you were ahead of the song, a couple areas you were falling behind a little bit. I dont know if you were tapping your foot or anything like that, but it goes a long way to keeping you in time and on rhythm

--I know you're playing a squier, but that tone makes me want to punch myself in the face. It sounds like a Marshall MG10 or something. I know, not really a fault of yours, but still something to consider. After all, the whole point of learning is to get better and develop your own sound.

Other than that, nothing really to pick apart so well done and keep practicing!

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1647352
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Thanks for the input guys. I'll check your stuff out soon. As for the the timing issue, I usually do these covers in one or two takes. I'm not really looking to replicate the song, just to jam with it. I generally have good timing after I practice a bunch of times.

As for the tone, it's mainly a Big Muff Pi through an equalizer pedal into a Marshall Valvestate halfstack. But..............I recorded it on my phone. Haha! That's gonna change soon, I'm setting up a little makeshift studio, but making the vids on my channel (the other ones are better) was just to keep me occupied in the meantime.

Thanks again!