Im not sure if I post this in the right section, but anyway.

I've been singing for 3-4 years now, gradually developing correct breathing and support, but as I did so I noticed that while breathing in my diaphragm expands and bulges out a lot, at first I took it for a good thing - "fk yeah, i have a big D(iaphragm)". But one of my friends, also a singer, told me its freakish and I should go see a doctor - which I did (Tomorrow I'll have a sonography and a lung x-ray.)

Basically what I'm curios about - maybe there is someone out there with a similar condition, who could shed some light on what's up with my diaphragm.

I checked symptoms for hernia and I don't have any of them - no acid reflux, no difficulty breathing (I cycle and run a lot), the only worry is that when expanding the diaphragm (probably when singing for a long time or straining diaphragm) some capillaries pop on my upper abdomens.

Here are some pics.

Inhaled -
Normal -

Penny for your thoughts?
I think that's your solar plexus, but I'm not exactly sure why it bulges out like that.