Hi Forum,

First time poster here, so forgive any indiscretions.

Got a problem with my set up at the moment, bizarrely since moving home, so part of me wonders if everything boils down to a knock somewhere along the line, anyway...

Hooked up with a Z-Vex Nano Head on a Marshall 1912 cabinet, with Gibson Robot or Fender Telecaster.

Regardless of whether any pedals are connected, and I've tried with different leads, whenever my hand approaches/touches pick-ups, I get feedback, or buzz, for lack of a better word. More noticeable on ebg strings, especially higher up the frets, from 9 onwards. Also more noticeable on the Gibson which has a humbucker, as opposed to the Fender with single coils.

Can anyone identify what might be the underlying cause? And, preferably, propose a solution? It's driving me crazy and has ruined my playing experience.
It MAY be that your amplifier AC line cord (mains) safety (earth) ground connection is broken, or even perhaps the outlet it is plugged into.
Perhaps you can try plugging the amplifier into another outlet/socket? If that cures the problem, I would get an electrician to sort out the original outlet.
I've had this problem before on an ungrounded outlet. Old houses often have outlets that are not grounded. Try it on an outlet you know is grounded and see if that helps. You don't know, you can pick up a cheap ground tested at your local hardware store.
Thanks! As it happens, that could be a reason why, the flat is fairly old, but also I'm using a mix of UK and European plugs and adaptors (no real way round that when you bring your gear from the UK), so it could be linked. That said, didn't have the problem in the last flat, so...

Will try it out, thanks!