Just installed some new pickups in my old Roadstar strat (fender tex mex). On thing I've noticed right off the bat is that the pickups do not adjust down nearly as low as my stock set without the adjustment screws starting to unscrew out of the pick-guard. Hopefully this isn't a problem.

Anyway, what is a good starting point for the distance from the pickup to the strings? Also, when setting string hight, how is the best way to go about this, especially since my fretboard is not flat but slightly rounded? Just get them as low as possible without buzzing frets?

Most fretboards are slightly rounded -- that's called "radius"-- rather than completely flat (though many classical guitars are flat). Original strat radii, for example, were 7.25". That's a lot more rounded than a 16" radius, which is something you'll often find on a keyboard designed for shredders.

Usually, you'll want to replicate that radius when you set up your guitar, both at the nut and at the bridge, so that the strings start off with the same string-to-fret distance. Most techs have a set of radius gauges to help them achieve that:

There are also gauges available for setting string height repeatably:

Pickup height is set by pressing the string down at the highest fret and then making sure that the string clears the pickup. You'll usually want to allow a distance of at least 3/64ths" from the bottom of the string to the pole piece (if there is one) on the pickup, but the pickup can be lowered based on the sound you want to achieve from there.
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