Is anybody experienced in micing up classical guitars for either live or studio? For the past few years I've been using two SE2200a's in either XY or ORTF positions, usually about a foot away from the guitar. They work quite well, but, not being overly experienced in this, I was wondering if there are other considerations that I may have overlooked
for studio recordings, ive had excellent results with cross-side miking. position one condencer facing strait up about a foot and a half from the twelth fret, and place another directly on top facing down... get the capsules to be as close as possible without touching. you will get a terrific stereo image, and you can pan left and right about 42% per side. for live i would place one mic facing the guitar about a foot from the 12th fret, and another between the bridge and the base of the guitar. no need to pan that, just make sure the phase of the mics are working together.
give it a try.
I've done the "one at the 12th fret and one at the bridge" thing with success before.

Here is a good article from Recording Magazine, a source I highly recommend.


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Thank you very much for those answers. I shall report back with results when I get the chance