(Hey, absolute newb to playing with a band here)

I was about to buy a Fender Vaporizer, because I absolutely love the way it sounds with a strat. However, now that I've searched the forum for small gig advice, I've found all this confusing info about stuff like mixers and PA's - and now I've got no idea whether this amp is going to be compatible with all this.
I'm on a very tight budget (poor east-euro here), so I can't afford making a mistake of buying something that for example, would only work in a studio, but wouldn't have the right outputs for the PA, or cabinets. (My budget is around <$500)

TL;DR So my question is: will this Fender Vaporizer work for small gigs, as well as studio recording?

Thanks in advance!
Yes it will work for small gigs, but it will more than likely need mic'ed up ...in regards to it working with a PA system, basically all you have to do is stick a microphone in front of it. I would maybe look into Jet City Amps. I'm pretty sure they have a 20watt tube amp in your price range that might be more suitable for gigging.
^ yeah jet cities are killer value if you can buy from thomann

a lot of the models are high gain, though, which i'm guessing isn't what he wants- the single channel 20 watt head and combo are lower gain, and the 50 watt 2x12 combo is as well (don't quote me on that, I've only tried the 50 watt head which is very definitely high gain).

if he knows he loves the sound of the vaporiser, though, i dunno if the jet city will necessarily do that tone.
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