Hi, im new to guitar as of about a month ago and recently my A string snapped. I got my guitar about 5 years ago but never played it. My friend who has played for 7 years said that we should change the strings. So we did, but then we noticed that the machine head on the high e string was wobbly and loose and it made a buzzing sound when ever we played. Then we noticed that the strings were very high off of the fret board. I haven't messed with the nut or the action and this happened.

The strings are 5 years old and never opened. I have a fender strat. I am self taught using rocksmith.

Could this be because the strings are new and need to be bent in?
Do i need to adjust the action or nut?
How do i tighten a machine head?
Should i just bring my guitar to a store and get it set up?
Quote by Alec26

Should i just bring my guitar to a store and get it set up?

Man, how can you play a set of strings that's 5 years old
Do you feel like I do!?
By the sounds of it that guitar has seen better days. If your friend that has been playing for 7 years can't sort it out then the best bet would be to take it into the store. Have them put brand new strings on (not ones that have been lying around for 5 years) and tell them to set the entire guitar up. There is a chance that some of the screws may be rusted and other parts of the guitar brittle. It would be better to shell out the cash and get it done properly rather then chance messing up the guitar.

Ask the guys at the shop if they would mind you watching while they set it up. Be sure to let them know that you are curious and want to learn about the guitar otherwise they might think you are a weirdo who doesn't trust anyone touching it.