I need to figure out the picking pattern for the first verse and the chords for the whole song...... the intro is a bit hard for me right now but if someone can tab it I might just learn it with practice...

this is the Orianthi version of the MJ song. Here's some links to actual videos of her playing it:


From what I see they're different to the actual Michael Jackson version, I see a G there(I think?) where in the MJ version it's an Em.

ok so I tried it by ear/sight and I managed to get the verse picking/tabs:

I'm not sure if it's right so if anyone can try it and let me know how it sounds I'll be grateful

G|------------------------------- x4

although the 3~ and 5~ are chords(first is C I think) but I can't figure the second one out.

:< this is painful
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