I can't take a screenshot with my phone or I'd post a picture, but here is my question..

I'm reading this tab and it has a note 5th fret on the d string. Then is followed by an upward hooking arrow. The arrow points to 1/2 then another arrow hooks back downward. I have tried looking it up in the forums, but its difficult when I Dont know what I'm looking for. So my question...what does that mean? How do I play it.

I'm sure its a stupid question, but I appreciate your patience in helping me learn.
sounds like it could be a 1/2 step bend upward. You would bend that 5th not on the D string up to where it sounds like the note on the 6th fret (D string).
Yes it's bend & release, the 1/2 means half step/one semitone (it's a small bend, full means whole step and they can be bigger than that too but it's less common). That the arrow comes back down means release, that you release the bend back to the original pitch/note. If you don't know string bending technique yet, I suggest watching some tutorials on it or reading about it.