I have a 5150 and a Peavey 4X12 cabinet. If I wanted to run that as my distorted sound, and switch to a totally different amp as a clean sound along with probably separate effects...how would that be possible? Meaning, hit one switch, distorted sound; another tap and I'm over to the other complete setup. And what recommendations do you have for Metallica fan boy clean sound to equal the power of the 5150 or at least come close to it? Granted I'm just playing in my basement, so I certainly don't need the power of the 5150 anyway.

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You can do that with a sophisticated MIDI setup.

Or you could do that with a Pod HD500X, run it through a powered full-range speaker and leave the 5150/Peavey at home.
From what I remember, things like the Pod were always looked down upon compared to a full tube amp. Not the case anymore? I also have a Line 6 Spider 112 (the original); that's the amp I played the most.
Not sure what dspellman is talking about, this looks like a really easy problem.

For a clean amp for Metallica tones that can keep up with a 5150: This is really easy. Roland JC120. Look no further.

Then, simply run an ABY pedal after your guitar. The A can go yo your 5150 signal chain and the B can go to the Roland signal chain. Totally separate signal paths. The Radial Twin City is a great ABY feature wise. You won't have any phasing or polarity issues with it or anything like that. If you want to go cheaper I've heard good things about the Whirlwind ABY.
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Metallica mostly use Roland JC-120s for their clean sounds if I remember correctly, so you could probably cop their tone with that or a similar solid state amp with a good clean.

As for switching, at its most basic you could plug your guitar directly to an A/B box and from there have one signal go through the effects you wish to have on your clean sound and into your clean amp and the other go to your 5150. However; this would leave you with no way to use any one of your pedals (assuming you are using pedals) on both amps. If you wanted to, you could put a pedal before the A/B box and have it hit both amps, but that might leave you with an effect order that sounds less than optimal.

Or, as dspellman said, you could use a MIDI switching system with a controller directing your signal.

As far as people looking down on others for using Pods and the like: if you try it and it does what you want and sounds the way you like, there's no reason not to use one. It's more about what you play more than what you play.

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Ok, the Radial Twin City ABY sounds like a simple solution that would work. How would you use a MIDI switching system to accomplish the same goal?