Hey guys, I've never posted on here before but a little background info I guess may(?) help. I've been playing guitar for about 3 1/2 years now, I'm 19 and I started out playing Guitar Hero which got me really hyped to try playing guitar back when I was 12. I've had basic lessons but have no clue about scales, most chords besides the basics, and I've never learned how to play barre chords properly. I have kinda long, slender, bony fingers and I find it pretty hard to make barres. I know I'm pressing down hard enough on some frets but (for example) the 8th bar of the song Berkley Springs by Don Ross http://www.classclef.com/pdf/Berkley%20Springs%20by%20Don%20Ross.pdf I find hard to bar the fifth fret and reach the ninth with my pinky without having some buzz. I'd be glad to take any advice, I do try practicing but I honestly think I may just be holding the bar wrong. Thanks for taking the time to read this super long question by the way
I had a hard time at first with barre chords too. What I learned is to lean the guitar back more into your body it helps you push on the strings. where the barre is place your finger doing the barring as close to the fret wire as possible. play each note individually to make sure they are all sounding (the strings you want to sound). The most important thing is to keep practicing these things!!
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You'd probably benefit from practicing on steel stringed acoustic for a while. I initially learned most of my barre chords on acoustic, and when i eventually transitioned to playing them on electric it kind of felt like a joke really. It takes a lot of practice though. Lots and lots of practice...
Try learning to play them like Jimi hendrix did. He used his thumb for the low E string and it allows your hand to roll back more. Personally I can't do this all that well, but you might find it easier. Search on Youtube for Jimi Hendrix barre chords.
Your fingers will stretch with time all it really takes is practice. Barre chords are so easy now to the point where I get irritated when I play them because I feel like i'm not being challenged lol!