I'm going to be upgrading to a new phone, either an iPhone 4S or whatever the latest Samsung Galaxy is. As you can probably tell by my opening sentence, I've never had an iPhone or any of the other top-tier smart phones.

I've been looking into the iRig and Amplitube products since I'll finally have a device capable of using them. The clips I've seem so far have impressed me, and I'm pretty giddy at the thought of being able to practice and record ideas anywhere, with what seems to be good tones to boot. I'd also like to start making some videos, and it seems this route would be an easy way to get started.

So, for anyone with knowledge on the subject, what are your thoughts on the iRig/Amplitube combo? In specifically:

- I'm leaning towards the iPhone over a Galaxy. Does iRig/Amplitube have a preference to either? If so, I'd have to guess it would be the iPhone.

- I assume I'll just purchase the full regular Amplitube app instead of one of the brand specific or artist editions. Seems like there might be more flexibility with that package, although add-ons are always on option.

- Has anyone used this live or at a practice, and how well does it work when ran into an amplifier or used with a DI?

I appreciate any advice and insight into the iRig and Amplitube! I've never really had the opportunity to use any amp sim app or software prior to this, but I figure since I'll have a platform to use the technology, I might as well take advantage of it.
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I don't even think there is any support for Android yet. Amplitube works for iOS.
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iRig is a really nice product. No noise, no delays. I personally prefer to use AmpKit+ when it comes to software
I have the iRig and Amplitube 3 app in my iPhone. I'll tell you now that it's nice to play around with, but the tones aren't worth relying on. For recording ideas and quiet playtime, it's excellent. 5 stars for using it for those purposes only. The distortions are muddy, though not shriekingly lifeless when compared to a Line 6 Spider.

For a fiver, it's great, and you can get the in-app purchases to buy all the things you'd get with the separate Amplitube Fender and Amplitube Slash apps. So just get the core version for a fiver or however much it was. Think I downloaded a SLO100 Soldano emulator in my one, better than the basic "Lead" amp that you get.
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