Just been on a dorian binge is all, writing this is actually a real joy.

Still a WIP, but give a crit and so on.

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@EpiExplorer: Hey man, this is really good and I can tell it would have been fun writing it.

Anyway, the intro is really hypnotic, the delay (I'm assuming it will be that if recorded) acts like a call-and-response which is really cool. BTW, I know you said it's Dorian but you there's a (modified) VI-IV-V between (and inclusive of) bars 21-24. Not bad thing though, I love that chord progression. I really like the harmonies in the riff at bars 44-51. Not to say the harmonies afterwards are bad, in fact I wished you continued with the ideas from bars 52-61 going for a bit longer (at least). In fact, bars 62-69 would sound better (IMO) if you used replaced it's current progression with the one in 52-61. After that, you could then use the chilled out interlude you have and then have a big finish with the last section you had (fancy guitar solos, drum fills/solo).

So my only gripes were with the structure of the last half really, I can't fault the individual ideas and I actually think that intermixing generic and not-so-generic chord progressions like you've done here is more effective than either extreme. I look forward to you finishing it.

I'll put up a couple of short tracks soon (I have some cool ideas laying around) since I have a break for a few weeks now. I'll come back here and give you the link when the time comes or maybe PM you. Let me know what suits.
Wow wtf that was dope.

Bar 70 is pretty nek level.

Do you play in a band?

Bar 94 was pretty ****ing gross too. In a good way