Just removed, cleaned setup my FR with new strings. Everything is fine, stays in tune despite severe abuse. Thing is, it feels quite a bit stiffer, I hardly had to adjust the springs at all.

But the weird thing is, when I depress it deep, all the strings go really loose (touching the magnets) except the D and hi E are still just tight enough to ring an open note (much lower in tone though). That can't be right, seems to me they should all let off about the same tension. Edges are set right, level, all seems fine, so anyone have a FR nearby they can push way down and tell me if theirs does that also?

All the fine tuners are lined up too
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Not all strings on your guitar are of equal tension. The gauges in string packets are designed to give a fairly even tension, and that's what players want. But the thinnest plain and thinnest wound strings are usually a bit tighter than the others. If intonated properly then they're gonna be a slightly shorter length too.

With my experience on my guitar with a floyd, I can depress my floyd where my low E goes to a C# and the A string goes to a G#. That's one string going down 3 semitones, and the other going 1 semitone. It's just basic physics.
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yeah i can make the low e dive until it goes slack but the higher strings normally don't go anywhere near as slack. far as i'm aware that's normal.
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Thanks, yeah I think a bit depends on where the saddle is (intonation wise) closer vs further would release tension more when further, anyways guitar stays tuned fine, just was wondering
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