To go into more detail i'm curious about how you got into music and what your goals as a musician were when you started and what they are are now. (if they have changed)

I'll tell you mine.

I had no option to learn music as a child so I only realized I enjoyed it when beating all my friends at rhythm games (you remember those stupid dance dance games on the playstation?)

I got a guitar and played occasionally but then I found out about Frets on Fire and played that game day and night, it was amazing and I got really good but I realized that games like that would eventually fade away.

I bought an electric and practiced all the time, often declining invites to social events in favor of staying home and practicing.

My goal then was to become one of the best guitarists out there, now I have a slightly more modest goal of wanting to be a recording engineer for some good bands and let the world hear my material.

My eyes are set on making a solo studio album, it is going to take time and a lot of practice to get my vocals up to scratch but eventually the world will have it.

Sooo, whats your story?
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my mum asked me if i wanted to learn to play piano when i was about 7 and i said "yeah"
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Well, it started with me hearing Metallica and Iron Maiden when i was 13 and being like "I want to be able to play that!".

That is long ago now and my taste has expanded quite extensively, being more of a afro-musician nowadays. Gigging, session work, teaching etc for a living at the moment, going to continue my journey with further education in music in a year or two though, hopefully aiming for a masters in improvisation.
Fusion and jazz musician, a fan of most music.

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When I was 7, my parents asked me if I want to start playing an instrument and I said I want to play the trumpet.
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I don't know really. I kinda grew up with music. My mom bought a lot of "kids first instrument" type of things, like flutes and keyboards and stuff for me when I was a kid. She also tried to teach me piano, but it never really worked out.

When I was 9 years old I started playing the cello, and when I was 11 I picked up the guitar, and at some point I just kinda went "yeah, this is fun. I wanna keep doing this for the rest of my life".
I used to noodle around with the guitar when I was 13, but I really didn't learn anything I thought in order to learn you needed a teacher. At age 17 is when I really started to learn, and practice the instrument since then I never looked back. I've heard of a lot of similar stories to mine where people will just mess around, but not really start to take it serious until around their late teen years. I knew a girl who used to play the piano when she was a child, but then she got bored and ended up quitting. Eventually around the age of 18 her friends started a band so she bought a keyboard and started to learn again now she's a pro I think she's about 23-24 right now.

My theory behind this is that no ones really that disciplined to learn as a child unless they have their parents behind them the whole time telling them when, and how to practice with a teacher to lead them into the right direction. That's most likely why the majority of people start taking it serious in their late teens because that's when you start to mature I guess... The main reason why I started playing it because I was just inspired by guitar related music it was just beautiful to me..

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When I was small kid in the '70's I guess my parents started to notice I was musical singing and what not when ever I was in a good mood.

As far as I know music has always been a natural desire to either listen or be creative to so when the question about what instrument is should be came by around 1988 I just said guitar and that was that. I did not expect one or drove my parents nuts wanting one but I got one and I still got it. Now what? Play it I guess.

So the desire to be a musician? I don't know I just try to play and I know I can get some great sounds out of it with some time. It's the desire to play rather than anything else that works for me.
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Well, it started with me hearing Metallica and Iron Maiden when i was 13 and being like "I want to be able to play that!"

Metalicca and Iron Maiden were my original inspiration to, especially Iron Maiden. Dance of Death, The Trooper, Aces high... ahh I could go on and on.
I have always loved music, i would always go through my mom's CD's and listen to them until i knew every song by heart. By the time i bought my own CD's (Green Day's "Insomniac" was the first i have personally purchased) i really started to pay attention to how everybody in the band would play off each other, feed off each other, it was interesting to me. I got My Chemical Romance's "The Black Parade" back in '06, loved that album and decided to get their "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" record and i loved the guitar work. I decided i wanted to get a guitar, so my mom finally got my and my brother cheap, 19 fret classical guitars from a pawn shop, it was a piece of shit, but i loved it.

The thing with me is, i seem to have ADD because i would never want to sit through a lessons DVD, so for the most part, i have been entirely self taught. It wasn't until 2011 that i got interested into songwriting, i worked on a riff i had and recorded it into mixcraft and added a drum loop and a lead guitar track over it. It was the first thing i have ever "improv" written. It really inspired me for some reason, i still got the little thing i recorded, too. There is nothing else i can imagine myself doing other than being a musician now.
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Music is huge part of my family. I was born to play really. I first played harmonica at 2 years old. I could also sing, but that really only got good during high school. But I never actually had an instrument to play growing up. I had severe ADHD, and would tap constantly. My dad realized I always played a rythym. but we never could afford a drumkit till I was 14. After that I played and got good but never really had a "passion" to play. Then I started writing songs and realized I needed to learn another instrument to really further it. I chose guitar and after 3 years at the time of giving up and coming back it all just clicked. I could finally start playing what I heard in my head. I played around in a few bands developing my skills, started my own and that's when I knew this is the only thing I want to do. Period. I'm 22 and this is my 8th year of playing overall. My band is on hiatus, so the past year I've played with others to build up skills, connections, and to keep the dream alive.
I got into playing music when I went to my first family reunion. I found out about half the people in my family play guitar and watching them all play together, it looked like a lot of fun so I was like "I want to do that". Several years later I haven't gotten much better and don't even own my own guitar but I know the chords and I can finally play along. I'd never sung in my life out of embarrassment until I started to get over it a few years ago and I'm finally beginning to be not awful at that. I only play for funsies and that's all I'll probably ever do with it, but that's fine with me.
Way back when I first heard Reger's suites. I decided then and there that I would take my playing to the next level. That was when I also made the choice to learn to compose.

Now, I can actually play a good portion of Reger's suites, though I have a ways to go before I will consider myself to truly master them. Unfortunately, I still can't quite match the compositions' beauty.

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It all actually began from Guitar Hero back in like 2006-2007. After having played like every song on expert I was like "screw this, I want a real guitar" I learned that really fast and figured maybe I have some natural talent for this. After like 5 years of guitar I switched to keyboard which is more suitable for the kind of music I want to make.

Now I want to be a good soundtrack composer and I'm practicing really hard. Video game soundtracks (Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Kingdom Hearts, World of Warcraft, etc) have always been my favorite music. More recently I've fallen in love with bossa nova and japanese jazz fusion, which is good because that motivates me to learn jazz piano.

My biggest weakness right now is instrumentation/arranging. I'm good at handling notes but kinda suck at arranging. I guess that's what I get for playing exclusively rock/metal for 5 years. Using only drums, guitar, bass and maybe a simple synth line only teaches you that much.
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