Hi everyone
It's good to be back ^_^

I am an amateur singer/guitarist. Music has always been my hobby since I was 7.
I jam with my friends and write and make my own songs. I was into metal a lot but my liking and taste for acoustic and melody has grown in vastly in the recent years. I recorded a few covers with my cell phone but the quaity seems to be- #meh and very bad
I don't have any idea what equipments are required to record songs in good quality.
What can i get within $150? I don't need any professional gear. I have a Yamaha acoustic and my brother plays the keyboard.
I will be buying from New Jersey
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This is a loaded question. The answers could vary by leaps and bounds.

I would suggest a decent computer with at least 6 Gigs Rams, you will also want a good size HD for storage, maybe even a 1 TB external HD as extra storage.

You will need an interface. I like Focusrite, but there are many options.

You will need software such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Cakewalk, or perhaps you may want to start with a free download such as Audacity to get your feet wet.

You will most likely want a Microphone also, but it's not necessary right away.

This should be enough to get you up and running, but once you start your needs seem to grow!

I guess this just comes down to the individual and how far they want to take it.
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Smartphone, a decent compatible mic, and Garageband app.

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I record my songs with GarageBand for iPad with the standard iPad mic. The only instrument that I really record is the acoustic guitar, as all other instruments are virtual and you could just record your acoustic via a virtual electric amp within the app.