Okay, so I've purchased a new amp which should arrive to me at the start of the next week. It has an effects loop which my previous amp didn't, so it's new for me.

So I've read about what the effects loop actually do, but I don't really know which pedals I can, or should, connect to it.

I have a Eventide Timefactor, which should go to the effects loop, however, I also have a Boss RC-300, and I do, of course, want to loop with the delay on, which won't work if I have the Timefactor in the effects loop.

So I'm wondering if the RC-300 can be connected to the effects loop aswell, after the Timefactor of course. Or is that the wrong thing to do?
That's exactly what you wanna do. Gain pedals, tuner and wah in front, modulation and time based fx in the loop.
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