sorry if im in the wrong spot, i wasnt sure what subforum this would belong to

but the title is pretty self-explanatory. a lot of djent i find is more heavy, with a more dissonant sound. does anybody know any good djent bands with pretty, melodic ambience (other than tesseract, obviously)?
We have a recommendations thread where you're supposed to post these questions. This thread will probably get locked.

We also don't really like djent, so not many of us will be able to help you.
You've been here since 2012. I have trouble believing that you don't know about the rec thread that's stickied to the top of the metal forum. I also have trouble believing that you couldn't figure out how to use the search button to find a thread about djent.

Try Chimp Spanner. I don't listen to much of this stuff so that's about all I can recommend.

EDIT: Also give The Contortionist - Exoplanet a listen if you haven't already. Lots of pleasant melodies and ambience on that album, albeit with a healthy amount of dissonance as well.
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