I'm looking to add a high gain, great sounding pedal to cover the heavier end of spectrum of my playing. I'd mainly use my Ibanez 3550RG Prestige with this into two Vox AC15's.
Both pedals are for sale used at $250 and $220 for the Bogner and the Wampler respectively.
Just would like some recommendations. The pedal will mainly be used to cover songs that are heavier but not modern djent or anything.
I really think the Wampler sounds best. Just my personal opinion. I also think it has a bigger range of high gain sounds so that would be my recommendation, however I do like the boost on the Ecstasy red.
Do you want 5150-ish high gain? Or Ecstasy high gain? IMHO the Red is more versatile as an amp-in-a-box pedal. Also the boost function is by far the most useful boost function I've ever encountered in a pedal/amp. In the end it's a matter of taste...