I am selling one of my two vintage Martins. This one is a 1969 Martin D-35 in superb condition. A funny thing about this guitar: it appears to have been played very little--or even taken out of the case much--before it came to me. It hardly even has pick strokes on the pickguard, if you can believe that. There are no cracks anywhere, repaired or otherwise, and absolutely no structural issues.

My luthier went through this guitar very carefully. The neck did not need a reset. The first five frets below the nut have very slight indentations on the treble side, none on the bass side. The original pick guard has begun to shrink, as is typical in this vintage. We decided to leave everything original, to keep it as close to factory as possible. We merely put on new strings.

It is close to flawless. There are a few almost invisible nicks on the Sitka spruce, tiny and barely visible to the naked eye; I don’t think you can see them in these photos; you really have to search for them, even with the guitar in your hands. The rosewood back and sides are close to mint, about a 9 out of 10. Another indication that this instrument has been played very little is the wear on the rear of the neck behind the first three frets: there is none. This instrument appears to have sat in the case for years at a time.

We strung it with D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Lights and it really sings. It has that distinct Martin Ka-Ching and punchy bass while at the same time being sweet and warm on the top end. Wow. I'd keep it but I already own a Martin that I've had for 20 over years; the wife says this one has to go. The guitar comes shipped with a non-original hardshell case.

Thanks for looking. This is the cleanest vintage D35 I've ever seen. Feel free to contact me with questions. More pics available upon request. Good luck in your search.

The guitar is located in Los Angeles. Asking price is $5695.
D35 full guitar.JPG
D35 full back.JPG
D35 pickguard-bridge closeup.JPG
D35 lower bridge.JPG
D35 neck and body.JPG