The chord progression was good, the vocals weren't bad, even though I feel they could be mixed in better.

From a composing standpoint, I felt the drums were dead and it really stole from it all. I don't intend on being that asshole who rants about it, but the entire rhythm felt rushed and because of that, it never really gave your song a chance to set in. I know you're not selling this as funk, but I personally feel that a slower tempo with a groove would help you so much more. It sensualizes the piece to another level and really helps drive home the R&B emphasis.
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I thought this was very sick. I think there are a few minor things I might do on the production side of things, but I think even that, was quite awesome. As far as songwriting and all that, I think it was very cool. Melody was great, chord progression was great, harmonies were great. Good job man.