I have an Ibanez RGT-42. she's got (my guitar is a lady,not an object ) a neck-thru construction and a slim neck. she also has an edge pro 2 floating tremolo system.

I want my new guitar to be different than my RGT-42..otherwise what's the point of having it ?
there are howver some specs I love and I want them on my new guitar.

So I want a 7-string guitar with low action,good sustain,a fixed bridge (I can't handle the problems of TWO tremolos ) and a neck-trhu contruction.
the price has to be <1500 € (doesnt matter if if exceeds the limit a bit ).
I can't seem to find a guitar like this.
for example musicmans have great prices and the ones I like (petrucci's ) have a floating tremolo. I didn't even check if they're neck trhu.

another thought is to buy a bassy guitar with deep sound ( e.g Gibson )

can you give me some choises for the two types of guitar I want ?

thank you very much !