Hi, I'm a new member... I really like the music, any type...
I started playing the guitar for a short time and I hope to learn quickly and well through this great site
To start someone can give me some advice or exercises?
Now sound an acoustic guitar but I hope to soon switch to electric

: D

Sorry for my bad writing
Hello and welcome! I hope you find some useful information here an that you have fun with your guitar. As far as advice; I'm not really in a position to give quality advice because I'm still a beginner myself and my hands really just started working together. What helped me learn, I watched some videos on youtube and learned my scales an practiced those. Now that does get boring just going up an down the scales, however now that my hands are working I can make it sound like something by blending the scales together adding bends an hammer ons. Scales has done some justice to me, but definitely youtube was a big help.

Happy Jamming!
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Hi and welcome ferdo91! A good place to start would be http://www.justinguitar.com/

Justin starts right at the very beginning and is an outstanding teacher! Have fun!
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Welcome! As Tim has already suggested, Justinguitar is an amazing place to start learning for free!

Enjoy the journey.
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