I have recently purchased a Jackson RR5 with seymour duncans.
When I palm mute I tend to really dig into the strings which I know is not ideal technique.

I never had problems with this but with this new guitar whenever I palm mute, the heavy E- String (.56 tuned down 2 steps) touches the bridge pickup creating a short squeeling sound every stroke. I do have another jackson V, but I don't have this problem because it has pickup covers.

I Also have a PRS with the same strings and the same tuning, but the bridge is positioned closer to the pickup, making it harder for the string to make contact with the bridge pickup..

Does anybody have any fixes?
I don't think adjusting the pickup height will help that much as I would have to lower them too far which will change my tone.

Maybe I could use the pickup covers from my other Jackson?

Thanks in advance.
Do you have any photos? Maybe changing the height of the pickup will be neccessary, if it's too high you will probably get better tone by lowering it too.