Cannot decide between an Epiphone Inspired by 1964 texan or an Epiphone EJ-160 John Lennon Edition.

Can someone please help or tell me the pro's and con's?

Try the Epi EJ-200CE, before you do anything.

The Gibson J-200 is a lot more widely played and loved, than either of the signature guitars you're considering.

Since all of the Epis you mention are Gibson copies anyway, it's fair to compare them amongst themselves
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I bought a Texan a couple weeks ago...it is to die for. Absolutely fantastic in every way. I honestly cannot recommend this guitar enough.
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If I were you I'd try the EJ-200CE first, like Captaincranky said. Fantastic guitar.

Your options are all good as well. Just make sure whatever you buy, you don't regret it afterwards.
That John Lennon model looks sweet and the reviews are mostly good as well. Seems like it is out of stock most places so I just added myself to the notify me when in stock list. I don't really need another acoustic but being a Beatles fan, I'm tempted to get this for sentimental reasons. With John Lennon's name on it and being a replica of a guitar he played, it's sure to be a collectors item that won't lose value. Seems like a real nice guitar to have in your collection.