I love blackstar, im a metal guy. I have played the ID series and the distortion sounds really good, then there is the ht5 and i had about 5 minutes with it so i dont have an opinion on it, so which should i go for ht5 or the ID. Then there is the question, combo or should i get the head and pair it with an orange cab and i should let you know that this is for bedroom use only.
I bought the ID 15 TVP two months ago. It's really an amazing amp, it can create all the tones you need, and they will all sound badass. Don't listen to all the people who will say "There is no tube => this amp sucks". It is GREAT.

For my bedroom use, 15w is enough, you don't really need more from my personal experience. I didnt tried the HT5, because I play many genres and I was looking for a versatile amp. i definately found it. Blackstar ID Series ROCKS !
I think your in the wrong sub-forum... well for craps and giggles what is your budget, location and are you willing to go used? I haven't played on a blackstar in awhile so I don't really have an opinion. Happy Hunting
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